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Our Focus:  Export Management
Specializing in Quality, U.S.-Made Construction and Building Materials

If your manufacturing company is poised to enter the global market, R.M. Waite Co., LLC is the strategic export management team your company needs. For over 40 years, R.M. Waite has exclusively focused on representing well-known, major U.S. manufacturers of quality construction and building materials in the international marketplace. Combining marketing expertise, hands-on management skills and comprehensive customer service, R.M. Waite can fully assess your export management requirements, devise a customized approach and guarantee successful results. With proven capabilities with the entire export process and its vast network of industry contacts, R.M. Waite guarantees complete and cost-effective solutions to your company’s diverse export management needs.

Creative Solutions to Your Exporting Needs

Choose R.M. Waite’s complete package of marketing and operational services when your company is ready to launch its products into the international marketplace. Our experienced management team possesses an intricate knowledge of global markets. Coupled with our vast network of contacts, these skills and knowledge enable us to accurately assess your company’s specific exporting needs. We will create an effective, creative approach for marketing, selling and distributing your products...always providing the optimum solutions and the greatest potential for your company’s success.

Contact R.M. Waite with your specific requests and we will efficiently assist your company’s sourcing and distribution needs.


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