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Export Management Services

With over 40 years’ experience, R.M. Waite Co., LLC fully understands the many demands of managing diverse overseas projects. R.M. Waite works closely with its customers to shepherd the exporting process to a successful conclusion by providing strong marketing, sales and distribution skills. Partnered with dozens of well-known American manufacturers, R.M. Waite is well-positioned to link distributors with experienced suppliers to international markets via comprehensive export services.

  • Quotes and estimates
  • Complete, detailed documentation
  • Full and mixed containers
  • In-house consolidation
  • Insurance
  • Logistics management
  • Follow-through to final delivery

Export Finance Services

Navigating the financial complexities of international exporting can be daunting. Highly experienced in these matters, R.M. Waite offers financial services customized to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • Establishing export credit insurance
  • Coordinating Export-Import Bank programs
  • Assisting with letters of credit
  • Offering financing terms
  • EXIM Financing: Export-Import Bank of the United States & exporter on record

For international buyers with established credit, R.M. Waite can simplify the purchasing process with its financial expertise in the exporting process.

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